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France 2023 Highlights

Our team verse talked about keeping God “always before us”, so we had a few conversations about how to do that. One of the topics we discussed was how God is pleased by our attitude when we work hard “as unto the Lord”, with an attitude that pleases Him. The work team scooped manure on two separate days. And I’m pleased to report that I think they had an attitude that pleased God both times!

The manure came from a friend with horses, and was aged enough to not be stinky!
We used the manure to pot plants around the yard.
The kids hauled two large trailer loads of it!
We even had enough to level a small spot where they’ll plant grass (Which is a luxury in this area – because it requires watering)

1 thought on “France 2023 Highlights”

  1. I love how God uses the yucky stinky things like manure for new growth. And the many parallels that we can use from that in our own spiritually growth.

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