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Projects 4 Missions helps busy people make an eternal impact by connecting them with ministries and convenient projects.

We know the frustrations of wanting to make a difference for Jesus but being swamped with busyness from jobs, schooling, family needs and other obligations.   We have noticed that those in ministry face similar frustrations that keep them from being effective.  This is why Chester and Amy serve with Projects 4 Missions.

  • Chester flipped pancakes for a wedding reception! His youngest sister, Ruby, married Nathan in a lovely ceremony at a campground
  • When Chester cooks at Glad Tidings Bible Camp, Amy stays home to keep her day job, so it means the
  • Loved the opportunity to meet with this amazing young woman from Burundi. She's a doctor, runs a women's pregnancy center,
  • When Moriah and Isaiah's summer job fell through, we employed them (and the other kids as they were willing and
  • This kid may have found his favorite way to serve.... Volunteering in a fireworks tent to benefit the local youth
  • Every year, one of our kids biggest highlights is serving at Glad Tidings Bible Camp. Chester spent three weeks of
  • When we visit friends, we often ask if there's a project we can do to help out. A few months
  • It was incredibly sweet to have Noelle here for Ruby's wedding. As a mom to teen girls, I understand more
  • I like big bowls and I cannot lie.... Checking out the West Pointe Mexican Grocery and supply store on a
  • Chester loves cooking for Glad Tidings Bible Camp (possibly because  #projects4missions  designed and built their commercial kitchen....) This summer, he

We partner with missionaries and ministries in Omaha and worldwide to find solutions to their ministry needs that will also provide an easy way for the normal busy person to contribute in a meaningful way.  We do this mainly through work parties and weekend projects.

At a work party we learn each person’s interests or skills and we find a place where they fit and where their contributions make a difference. No matter your background or skill, work parties are a great way to learn something new or use your skills for a great purpose. We serve terrific food alongside teaching and fellowship and of course we save some time for fun and games too.

We’d love to have you join in a work party or let us know of missionaries and ministries with a need.