A little over three years ago, God led us to change course.  We had been pursuing a goal of serving in missions by working toward a mechanical engineering degree to use in this service.  After much prayer, we set aside the pursuit of the degree to jump into service with the skills we already have. God confirmed this decision in sending us to France on short notice, to help fellow servants in restoration of a building they had purchased for ministry.

This is how Projects 4 Missions began.

Our first project was working with the Van der Veer family doing renovation work on an old elementary school in southern France.  This renovation project continues but is now being used to provide housing for others who also serve God in the same area, and when finished will be able to be used for housing as well as meetings and conference rooms.  Working on the project was a blast for us, and we were genuinely encouraged by our host family, the Van der Veers and their heart to serve.  We worshipped with a small English-speaking church in the area (called Simply Church) and loved the fellowship and opportunity to be part of their community.

The building we worked on, called Maison de la Plume, currently houses two families (a total of 15 people!) who serve God full time by reaching out to those in the area.  God has used these two families as bright shining lights to many, and we are pleased to have had a small hand in serving their ministry.

Currently the Van der Veers and Simply Church are building a new church home for Simply Church to use on the Elementary school property!  We wanted to highlight their ministry and share with you a few pictures and their current prayer requests.

The future Simply Church home – currently a covered courtyard on the old school grounds.
Digging for the church wall foundations.
Our family in front of the old school (not yet habitable), just before we left in March of 2018.

The main prayer request from the Van der Veers is that God would send skilled workers to help with with ongoing renovation. They have been working on this project with their own funding and as much time as they can without going broke.  Not only are they constructing a building for Simply Church, they are continuing to renovate indoors (currently plastering bedrooms), and outdoors (currently building a pool, installing solar panels, and landscaping the school yard).

Please pray with us that God would send workers and encouragement their way.  We would love to be among those God sends to serve and encourage these faithful servants of His, and are praying that God will see fit for us to return and continue to serve in 2021.  Even better – we would love to take a team of YOU along.  Contact us if you’d be interested in joining! 

Thank you for joining in the work of Projects 4 Missions, and in the ministry of these families in France through your prayers and donations.

Another way to help

There are four tools that the Van der Veers need to purchase to continue their work:

  •  A hammer/drill ( €150 to €200) 
  •  A concrete vibrating tool (€250 to €300)
  •  A heavy duty jackhammer (€100 to €150)
  •  A laser (which is pricier) 

We’d love your help in sending them funding for these tools.  You can donate online here, and it goes directly to them (Choose missionaries, then “Van der Veer, Stefan & Rochelle”).

Appreciating 2020

Hindsight is 2020

It’s been a year to have priorities clarified through adversity, hasn’t it?  We’re grateful for the year that God provided, and wanted to take a minute to thank you for being part of it.

Thank you for praying, giving and serving with us through the year!  We are grateful that even though travel was restricted, we could be active in serving missionaries and ministries.  We counted 27 ministries and families that either we served or distinctly served us this year!  Many of you joined in the work with us, blessing missionaries and ministries (and us) with their work and fellowship.  See the Projects 4 Missions annual report for additonal information on our year, financial numbers and both praises and prayer requests.

Thank you for praying with us as Chester and our friend Rich went to Kenya to meet the Kamau family, who are missionaries there and wanting to start a camp.  They have safely returned, recovered back into the midwest USA timezone, and are currently working with the Kamaus and engineers in Kenya to plan the camp!

Thank you for your friendship through the year.  If we have your physical mailing address, you should have gotten a Christmas card from us with a family Christmas letter.  You can read that online too.  

Next week, look for an email with some of our thoughts on the year to come, and guesses as to what God might have in store for us and Projects 4 Missions in 2021.  

If you’d like to make a year-end gift, now is the time to do so, and here is the link.

We praise God for your partnership!

Current support level: 68% overall, 28% monthly

Projects 4 Missions says Thanks on Giving Tuesday

Dear Friends,

This time of year often gets cluttered with piles of mailings from non-profits who would never write at another time of year. In recognition of “Giving Tuesday” we wanted to send you a note from a friend and ministry partner.

No doubt you already know and feel that this last year has had a few too many surprises and unexpected turns. We have been praying for you all in what we know has been some very trying times. We all need the encouragement of fellowship so let’s work to stay connected in whatever ways we can. Please feel free to call or email if you ever need someone to talk or pray with.

As we work on an end of year report for Projects 4 Missions we want to express to you how incredibly humbled we are to have you partner with us. Of the hundreds of ways you could spend or invest your money you have chosen to sacrificially give toward this ministry and God has blessed that work.

We are glad to share with you that our basic monthly costs, which consist of a small stipend to cover project consumables, tool repairs and administration, are now being covered by regular monthly giving. It may not seem like a big milestone but to us it is huge. We continue to work toward building our regular monthly support level (which is nearing 30%) but we are confident that as we continue to be faithful to serve where God guides that He will take care of those needs. We are very thankful for God’s provision through your partnership.

With all the craziness in the world it is important to recall the faithfulness and constancy of our God. From the infancy of this ministry when it was just us giving a helping hand to missionaries as best as we could, up to today, we have never lacked the essentials for what God wanted us to do. God’s faithfulness goes well beyond just having money for a project. We do not have the time or space here to recount even a portion of the ways God has taken care of us. However, I regularly reflect on things like: wheels not falling off trailers, many thousands of dollars worth of donated equipment, and specific answers to prayer. But there is so much more. All these speak highly of our God and we honor Him.

On this “Giving Tuesday” we would encourage you in this way:
First, not all giving is money. When you are serious in prayer, or send a personal letter to a missionary or lend a hand to a project in person, you are giving a piece of yourself and investing in eternity. What and where can you give of yourself for God’s purposes?

Secondly, Give to God. He deserves respect, honor and a place of significance. Your mouth and life are the means to give something special and meaningful to God.  Hebrews 13:15 says to offer up to God a sacrifice of praise. Colossians 4:2 encourages us to devote ourselves to prayer, being watchful and thankful.  1 Thessalonians 5:16-18 reminds us to rejoice, to pray and to give thanks in all circumstances.  Let’s do that!

Finally, Give on purpose to a greater purpose. Be faithful in supporting your Church. This is right and appropriate.  Also consider supporting a missionary whose focus is sharing or teaching the gospel. If you do not already know such people then talk to us, we would love to introduce you to several people who are on the frontlines. Developing such a relationship via phone calls and visits will definitely push your faith into a more active place. (2 Cor 9:10-11)

Thank you again for your partnership in prayer, in relationship, in participation and financially. We are very thankful for you.

If you are not already receiving regular emails and other stuff from Projects 4 Missions we invite you to sign up here.

If God moves you to make a special year end gift or monthly donation toward this ministry, you can use this link here, or click the donate button below.

One of the recent family pictures that didn’t get made into a new prayer card.

Pancake Party!

Join us for pancakes and fellowship!

Hear about our work with Bible camps, and about our upcoming missions trip to develop a Bible camp in Kenya

Share favorite camp stories

Saturday, November 14 (yes, short notice!)
2:00pm – 7:00pm, come and go anytime
VFW in Ashland, NE
102 s 24th St, Ashland, NE 68003

**You’ll also have the opportunity to support our trip and ministry by purchasing handmade items for donation.

We’ve chosen a larger venue than our house for this pancake party so that we all can socially distance as we feel comfortable, but please don’t come if you’re feeling sick!

If you wish to bring along a food item, feel free to bring something that goes with pancakes, but please don’t feel obligated.

And yes, pancakes in the afternoon. Pancakes are good all day long!

We are trying out this idea as a way to increase awareness of our ministry and the ministries we serve. We’d love your feedback, and to see you there!