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Wrapping up prayer requests

Our time in France is coming to a close.

We hope to send a series of wrap-up emails (with pictures of progress on various projects) in the next few weeks.  But wanted to just send out a quick email with some current prayer requests.

  • Amy is scheduled to fly home from Barcelona on Friday.  We plan to drive from France across the Spanish border to the airport, but there are strikes at the oil refineries in France making gas quite difficult to obtain.   The price of gas has gone from about $5.75/gallon to $7.90/gallon in the past week, and most nearby towns (including ours) are completely sold out of gas.   There’s rumors that a larger town a bit over a half hour away might still have gas, but it’s not worth the drive there to find out.  The gas currently in our borrowed vehicle should be enough to make it to Spain where gas is readily available – pray that it is.  
  • The team in Uganda is doing well, but there’s an Ebola outbreak going on that looks like it’ll affect their travel plans coming home.  Their flights home are still three weeks away – please pray for smooth travel when the time comes (and a mitigation of the outbreak so they can keep their current travel plans).
  • The work team that came here to France still has seen none of their luggage.  Please pray that we can get claims filed with the proper companies to get a reasonable compensation for five people’s luggage lost.

We’re so grateful for our time here, and the opportunity to serve this way!  Thank you for joining in our ministry and supporting us in prayer.  We hope to see you soon!

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