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Serving in the every-day

During the course of an average month, it’s not unusual for us to get a few calls or texts that someone in ministry needs a bit of help. These are usually small jobs, just needing a few hours of work. We love being able to help out with this type of thing, and it’s because of you and your support that we can – thank you!

One such project was this last week, from Giri, who is the head of the Asian Christian Leaders network in the Omaha area. His water heater had gone out, and he wasn’t certain what to do. Chester made arrangements to pick up a replacement water heater (that Giri purchased), and install it. No big deal, and not something we wouldn’t normally mention.

But Giri not only took a couple of pictures, he showed his gratitude with a kind Facebook post, and we thought that made it worth sharing.

Chester replacing a water heater at Giri’s house
Hooking up the pipes to the new water heater.

Giri wrote:

Updates on our water heater issue.

The warranty company didn’t help. So we ended up canceling their service and purchasing a new one . As you may know, I have no clue on fixing any of these…

My good friend, Chester Davis came and helped in fixing the new one. I tell you, sometimes we see God’s love and care through people. Chester is one of them… He went to the Home Depot, picked up the order, brought it to our house, removed the old one and fixed the new one. He spent the whole day for me… and He did this for FREE of charge… I am truly touched by his kind gesture. We need more people like him in this world .

Thank you Chester!

Giri followed with this in a comment: “Chester also helped us with the dishwasher issues, a couple of months earlier. He is one of the best human beings that I know. What a blessing!”

It’s such a priviledge to serve those who serve the Lord, both in Omaha and elsewhere. Thank you for partnering with us in serving – you share in these rewards!

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