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Road Trip!

We have been on our supporter connections road trip for the past two weeks, and are currently enjoying our eleventh host of the trip!  A special thanks to the many who have shared of themselves through lodging, food or other resources.

If you visit our website or are connected to us on social media, you’ve probably seen several pictures of our adventures (we’re posting pictures a few days after visiting a particular place).

The highlight of the trip for me (Amy) so far has been the wonderful fellowship.  We’ve made or renewed connections with a number of people, and have been greatly encouraged by the community of those who love God and His word.  

Along the way we’ve done a handful of small helping projects – scrubbing a school bus, constructing a fence, and filling potholes, and we’ve also had some terrifically fun experiences – barrell riding, swimming, four wheeling, and bowling!  We even got to enjoy some tourism – it was the kids and my first time to the Gulf of Mexico, to see an alligator and dolphins in the wild, and to visit  Washington DC.

We’re so grateful to God for allowing this trip (and providing the car to do it in), and to our friends for hosting us, praying for us, donating hotel time, and giving toward this ministry.  Truly, we are beyond blessed.  God is using this time to refresh and encourage us, and help focus in our mission and methods toward greater effectiveness. There also have been so many wonderful opportunities for conversations that glorify Him also. Please continue to pray for us on the trip especially that God would give opportunities to share the gospel while we are traveling. 

Thank you!

Sweet fellowship at the Grace Evangelical Converence and in many other places!

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