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Real Life

The past two weeks have been a bit of a whirlwind in a different way than usual.

Chester’s parents contracted Covid, and so did their primary caretaker.  Chester moved there to help care for them, and also contracted it.  His mother has recovered, and Chester also is recovering.

Chester’s Dad, Merlin left his earthly body early this morning, following a long battle with Alzheimers.  It was an honor for Chester to join his Mom in caring for him in his final days.  We appreciate your prayers for the family, and are thankful that when a person believes in Jesus for life everlasting you receive it and nothing can snatch you out of the secure hands of Jesus and the Father.

In the midst of grieving, we’re also celebrating – not just Merlin and God’s goodness to our extended family, but also in a few smaller, personal ways.

Josiah was baptized on his 12th birthday.

Micah is officially graduating from high school.  You’re invited to join us in celebrating this accomplishment.  Reply to this email to rsvp or for more info.

As we navigate a season of celebrating and grieving, we’re so grateful to you, our friends and family, both local and everywhere for praying for us and supporting us in very practical ways.  Thanks for living out the way that the family of God functions!

If you’d like to provide a meal or donation for our extended family, sign up here

Current Support Level: 51% monthly, 74% annual

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