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Partnership in Action

Distributing Bibles
We have some eternity-minded friends who live in Omaha, and provide income for their family by running a “bungee trampoline” attraction at city and county fairs in the summer. This summer, at the height of fair season, we heard that they were handing out Bible and tracts at their booth, and were in danger of running out, because so many were interested in taking a Bible.

Immediatly we took them several Gospels of John from Message of Life Ministries, and the gospel tracts that we had on hand from Free Grace International. Within hours, they contacted us that they had run out again, and we placed an order for 500 additional Gospels of John and a few hundred tracts, so that we could supply their next few events also.

Here is a summary from them, on the experience of handing out Bibles through the summer. We found it a beautiful example of partnership, and are rejoicing to have played a small part.

Thank you for your prayer and financial involvement – it is so valuable!

Isaiah “bungee jumping” while we delivered Bibles to be handed out

A Summary of the Bible Literature Distribution July/August 2021, Nebraska

“Let me try.”

I saw a Gideons table at the fair and approached Earl’s booth for a few copies of Bibles. Earl gave them to me on the condition that I would show people what was inside of them.

“Can I have more?”

All the Bibles were gone within hours, and I kept going back for more during the next two days, most English, a few Spanish ones.

Until someone walked by and joked that I worked for them full time because he saw me returning again and again for more Bibles to hand out. I also got some tracts from CEF the next day and they all ran out Sunday.

“I thought the Gideons had plenty of Bibles?”

Sunday, Earl handed me his leftover 6 dozen Bibles. They ran out within a day, then Earl brought forty more the next day. On Thursday, we ran out again! Earl told us the budget for the event and his personal resources were exhausted.

Among these first were a little girl, a boy, an Iraqi family, several teens, a Ukranian family and a vietnamese man.

“God, no one, no one who wants a Bible should walk away empty handed!”

I turned to God in disappointment and expected Him to show up. And He did! Friday evening, Amy (from Projects 4 Missions) brought us dozens of the Gospel of John (Living Water) and a bunch of other literature.

Mark Harrington messaged me that he knew someone in Lincoln has a few copies.

“You have three? Bring them!”

Saturday, Ben brought his last few Bibles to the site, including one in Arabic! God answered prayers again by sending a family of Iraq to be blessed with it and the companion study guide.

“You can have them.”

Brad, the high school pastor at Christ Community Church has given us his last 60 some LifeBook,which are designed for teens. Thanks to Earl for pointing me to the resources on the Gideon site.

Beautiful and powerful partnerships!

For the two events in other cities, I turned to local suppliers asking for more. Lincoln brought me a bag of various versions of Step Up to Life, Leona gave me some more world missionary tracts, Donna gave me a few Arabic books and tracts. Amy brought us two more boxes of Living Water in English and Spanish and some more tracts.

Stories :

We were visited by a teen girl who’s mother picked up one of each item I had, with great appreciation.

One woman murmered as she read “I want to live forever…”

A Vietnamese dad picked up a copy, saying “I have always wanted to read the Bible”.

“Mom, Bibles!” a little girl exclaimed at the sight of them.

A young student who held one copy close to her heart with a big grin and aked:” Can I have one for my brother?” “Sure, you can!”

The Irani couple said:” We love Jesus!” and gladly picked up an Arabic version with a study companion guide in answer to prayers!

Abundant supplies, happy ending!

After the event, we started to hand them out to neighbors, grocery store clerks, and other people God sent our way. They were very well received most of the time. We pray that many will encounter God and draw closer to Him in His word by His Spirit!

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