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Have Car – Will Travel

Thank you for praying!

Thank you for praying for our car situation, and for the discouragement that it caused us!  God has supplied a replacement vehicle for our family and ministry – and it’s already in use.

We dubbed the new-to-us Ford Expedition “Excalibur”.

Lord willing, this coming week we will be departing on an extended road trip to attend a conference and visit friends, family, supporters and churches. Will we be near you? (see map below)  If so, we’d love to meet up for coffee, lunch or dinner. If you are really crazy (like us), let’s flip some pancakes for breakfast  or have a dessert with your Bible study group or a few friends from your church!   Emailing us right away (or use the form on our “Keep in touch” page) will increase the likelihood that we can figure out a time that works!

Our current hoped-for stops.  You can add your location to the map by emailing us now!

Current Support Level: 36% monthly, 62% annual

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