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France Wrap-Up

A two-minute Highlights video

Dear Friends –

You’ve been praying with us for months now about France, and we want to report back to you how your prayers were answered.

  • While the travel costs were much higher than planned God provided for every need. We are especially thankful for your partnership through prayer and financial support. 
  • We prayed for God to send a Bible teacher to lead devotionals and encourage spiritual conversation on the team.  God answered by sending Shawn Lazar, from Free Grace International, and he was a huge blessing to the team.
  • Despite one injury (a cut on Isaiah’s hand that required stitches), we stayed safe working (and the cut healed up just fine)
  • The teams got a lot of work accomplished – when we left, the new church space had drywall for the main room, kitchen and two bathrooms as well as a floor for all rooms and a stage.
  • We also were able to serve another family serving Jesus in the region by performing some much needed house repairs and fencing a deck.

We returned on Thanksgiving to a host of minor emergencies, which we’ll share about how God provided for us during those in our next email.   Thank you for praying with us and sharing in this adventure!

Progress on the church after we left:  There’s lights and paint!

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