It affects us all

We’re sure the threat from this virus has disrupted your lives too.  Here’s how the virus is affecting us at the moment:

  •  The trip to Mexico is cancelled (or at least postponed a few months).  Your donations toward this trip are safe with Sabre missions, and will be used for whenever this trip happens, whether or not our family takes part.  Please pray for the four families that are waiting for houses we had intended to build.
  • Everything else in the short term is cancelled too, as you know.

Some Praises

We already work from home and home-school, so the extent to which our lives are altered by this virus is less than many.
Before the virus was found in our area, we already had the respiratory flu, so had already been keeping to ourselves.  We are so grateful to live in a digital age where so much is available online!  We’ve enjoyed holding our own worship services at home, with songs requested by the kids, an online sermon, and discussion.  (We even had communion with crackers and Emergen-C).
We’re grateful for the help of several others at Glad Tidings Bible Camp, at a work party to get the kitchen and dish room back to ready for use!
The kitchen now includes stainless countertops, a steam-table serving line and standardized dishes!
The dish room also include stainless countertops, a commercial dishwasher and sanitizer and a revamped workflow.

Thanks for keeping us in prayer as we do our best to support and encourage missionaries and ministries in this challenging time!

Answers to Prayer

Thank you for praying for us through February.  Here’s a few updates:

 – Chester continues to have ear problems, though there is a slight improvement after surgery.  Please pray for infections to clear up.

  – The Glad Tidings Bible Camp kitchen is very close to completion.  Chester will be spending much of the next week out there, wrapping things up.

 – The Mexico fundraising dinner was a huge success, bringing about 100 people, and providing about 30% of the needed funding!

You are vital partners in this ministry!  Thank you so much for praying!

The commercial mixer on it’s new stand (the kids helped to make it!)
The new-to-camp commercial dishwasher!

Thank you for praying

Thank you so much for praying for and with us and our family these first few weeks of January.  Everyone is back home from the hospital and recovering nicely!  Peggy is back to her normal, spunky self, Merlin has returned to the care center in Ashland (where Peggy visits him daily), and baby Martin was discharged yesterday and is doing terrific!

It’s humbling to us that so many of you prayed, and let us know that you were praying.  Our sincere thanks.  God answered your prayers!

Baby Martin is home and feeling much, much better!

Another Prayer Request

Thank you so much for lifting us up in prayer over the past couple of weeks.  Chester’s parents are much better, but we have another hospital related prayer request to share.

We have a new nephew, Martin Davis, born December 28th, who is in the Children’s Hospital in Omaha with both RSV and a bacterial infection.  Either one is life-threatening, so both is especially scary.   His mother is staying with him, while his father (Chester’s brother) is caring for their 2 year old daughter.  (Both parents and big sister are also currently sick!)  Please pray for little Martin’s healing, and for the doctors to have wisdom, and for the family to be comforted as they wait and hope for this little child!

Thanks for Praying!

Chester’s parents are doing much better.  Peggy was released from the hospital on Friday, is tired but glad to be home, and is continuing to recover.  Merlin is scheduled for release on Monday afternoon.  Both are expected to have additional procedures in the coming weeks (or maybe months), but are much healthier.  We’re grateful for your prayers and for the care they received at the hospital!

We’d love to have you pray for us

This is just a quick email, requesting prayer.

Tuesday morning, both of Chester’s parents, Merlin and Peggy Davis were admitted to the hospital with sepsis and other complications.  Both have had initial procedures to reduce the complications while they heal, and seem to be mostly stable now.  We are joining other family members in rotation to be with them around the clock, and would appreciate your prayers.

Thank you!
Amy Davis