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Good afternoon Ladies and Gentlemen,

We are posting this information here so that those who might not have heard can be informed or join the team. We are in need of prayer warriors, food makers and people to join. This is the email we just sent out to the people who have expressed interest in the project.

Ladies and Gentlemen,
Thank you for expressing an interest in being involved in the Glad Tidings Bible Camp kitchen/washroom upgrade project.

This project started with many conversations about staff training, efficiency, standardizing equipment, dealing with bugs and other things. One day I was trolling auctions and found some great deals on commercial kitchen equipment. God allowed me to pick up some new dishwasher trays, desert plates and some stainless steel kitchen counters exceptionally low cost with many things donated. This kicked off a campaign to perform a much needed updating to the kitchen at Glad Tidings Bible Camp. We worked with the camp director (Gil) and other professionals including the fire marshal and health inspector to come up with a small list of improvements which will really have a significant impact on the kitchen and washroom operation. We are confident these changes will have a positive effect on the camps ability to function with excellence and both the staff and the rental groups are going to appreciate a noticeable change.
With the approval of the Glad Tidings Camp executive board we have begun this project. A couple weeks ago our volunteer team dove right in by doing the clean out, moving a door, some cabinets and re-routing some plumbing.

On the weekend of October 25-27, we are going to host the first ever work party weekend retreat. We will dive into the work but combine this with worship and instruction from God’s word. Please prayerfully consider joining the team, we are going to have a great time together.

When: October 25, 26 and 27 (Friday – Sunday)
We’ll get set up Friday morning, and plan a Kick-off supper Friday, October 25th at 6:00pm, we will continuing major work through Saturday evening. On Sunday we’ll wrap up details and clean up. You are welcome to join for any portion as your schedule allows.

SIGN UP HERE to help us plan food and lodging:

Who: Everyone, regardless of age, experience or skill
We will train you if needed and place you where you can contribute positively toward the project goals. Even if you are not able to be present we can find a way for you to be involved through prayer and meals support. Kids under 12 should bring along their family or an adult.

The plan for work will involve a good amount of general maintenance such as drywall patching, deep cleaning, painting. For the weekend builder we have shelving to build and install. For light construction we have some plumbing adjustments and electrical. Lord willing we can work with the various crews to work on coating the floor. One awesome thing is that a local establishment donated a used $11k double oven/range but it is super greasy and needs a few people who will take charge of a serious deep cleaning.
The plan for schedule and programming is to have a time of worship and instruction around meal times and some campfires and fellowship in the evenings.

The Cost:
While there is obviously a cost to Glad Tidings Bible Camp to have people in for a weekend, this is a free-will offering working retreat. Please consider a contribution to cover the operational costs, and help make this project a reality.
Some non-monetary ways to contribute:

  • Bring a food for a meal, snacks or drinks
  • Provide childcare or activities for young kids while their parents work in other ways.
  • Lead a time of worship
  • Give a short lesson or devotional after a meal
  • PRAY
    We look forward to seeing you this weekend, and seeing God do some great things!

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