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Prayer request update

Thank you so much, dear friends, for praying. Isn’t it great to serve a God who hears and answers our prayers! We wanted to take a few minutes to share with you a few specific answers to your prayers that we’ve seen in the past two weeks.

  • Stove #3 is still working. Special thanks to our friends who gave us their old stove in our time of need!
  • Chester had been looking for the perfect trailer to use for hauling ministry tools for a few months. A bit over a week ago (the day we emailed asking for prayer for encouragement!) he found the right one, and in God’s perfect timing, a friend was going to Minnesota and would be driving right by the seller of the trailer. He agreed to pick it up for us, and Thursday evening we had a new trailer for ministry use!
  • We asked you to pray for our Suburban to run. Chester got it running, and we left in it on Friday afternoon to drive down to Texas. Less than three miles into the journey, it broke down again. We were grateful for being so close to home. After hobbling it home, we unpacked the suburban, packed it in to the trailer that God had provided just the day before, and set off again in our smaller Pathfinder. God’s timing was perfect, and the Pathfinder ran reliably for the entire trip, even though it was less roomy than the Suburban.
The shadow of our car and trailer as we drive….

  • We asked you to pray for Rich the architect to get the time off work approved so that he and Chester could go to Kenya to meet the Kamau family and the site of the future camp and begin design work. We received word on Wednesday that Rich’s request for the time off was granted. So we are ready to purchase tickets for this trip! God has already provided the cost of the airline tickets. If you would like to contribute to other costs of the trip, donate here, or see our list of other ways to help here.
  • We asked you to pray for our spiritual encouragement and refreshment. The conference we attended was very much just that – a terrific time of being spiritually fed and refreshed. We renewed friendships, added new friendships, learned a ton and gained a deeper understanding and appreciation of scripture. What a terrific time! Even the kids very much enjoyed it and stayed engaged through the conference, that is fantastic at a conference on systematic theology oriented toward seminary graduates and those already in ministry.
Micah was given a book titled “Eternal Life” for free, but Isaiah had to earn the book titled “Eternal Rewards” by rubbing his tummy and patting his head.

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  1. Love these updates! God is using your entire family mightily. I’ll have a check for you Sunday and I’m hoping to work your ministry into our monthly budget as I get that finalized after the first of the year. Keep up the great kingdom work!

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