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News from France

Chester says “Hi” from France

In Transit

Three Praises:

  • Chester made it to France safely!
  • Little inconveniences are working out okay (Electricity is back on in his apartment after 24 hours out, and our bank cards are working there after being denied at first).
  • Building materials are ordered and expected to be delivered Friday.

Three prayer requests:

  • Amy is feeling a bit like the number of tasks between now and being ready to leave keeps growing instead of diminishing.
  • We’ve already had several surprise expenses, and there’s likely to be more.  Please pray that we rest easily in knowing that the expenses don’t surprise God, and He provides.
  • Pray for us to keep our eyes on the Lord at all times.  Our team verse is Psalm 16:8 (below).  It feels just right for right now – we could easily be shaken, but God is the one who goes before us, and who is always with us.

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