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France Work Team – Arrived!

The work team arrived here in France late Sunday night (22 hours after scheduled).  Currently, the only luggage that has arrived was some video equipment that we brought over for some co-workers.

Yesterday, we purchased a change of clothes for each of the team so that they can wash the set they wore to travel, and spent many hours (and dollars) on the phone with luggage claim.  We have no idea if or when any of the other luggage will be found or arrive.

For our Bible reading yesterday, we looked at James 1, “Consider it all joy”.  Thank you for continuing to pray for us!

This rock-star work team did indeed consider it all joy, and worked heartily with a good attitude on their jet-lagged first day!  They removed shutters from the building, stripped off the old paint and sanded both the wood and the iron hardware in preparation for new paint.

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