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Here’s a tutorial on the GlobalGrace donation website, which several have found confusing:

When you first arrive, it looks like this.

In “Area of Giving”, select “Missionaries & Staff”

The box will go back to “Area of giving”, but there will be a new box above it that says “Select Missionary”.  This is normal. 

Leave the bottom box alone now (or it may never leave you alone), and select our name from the top box.

Then write your amount in the top box.  Leave the bottom amount box alone too, or it’ll give you fits.

Check the button for a new or updated donation, and the donation for the frequency of donation (one-time, monthly, quarterly or annually).  Add a comment if you wish (some people write here that it’s for Chester & Amy Davis, just to make doubly sure). 

Enter your payment method.  The Bank Account transfer results in the highest percentage available for ministry by avoiding credit card transaction fees.

Click “Review your Donation”.

If by chance you didn’t enter every required field, or didn’t put in everything perfectly the first time, you’ll get a yellow confirmation error.

If this happens, you’ll end up in an ugly endless loop of having to add more and more money, and never getting rid of these. Instead, go back to the original screen and start over.  Yeah, I know it’s sad. 

When it’s worked correctly, you’ll get a confirmation page like this.

Once you see this, you can breathe a sigh of relief.  It worked.  (Just right now, it took me several tries.)  Click the confirmation boxes at the bottom, and then submit your donation.  Congratulations!

And, sincerely, thank you for taking the trouble and supporting this ministry!