It affects us all

We’re sure the threat from this virus has disrupted your lives too.  Here’s how the virus is affecting us at the moment:

  •  The trip to Mexico is cancelled (or at least postponed a few months).  Your donations toward this trip are safe with Sabre missions, and will be used for whenever this trip happens, whether or not our family takes part.  Please pray for the four families that are waiting for houses we had intended to build.
  • Everything else in the short term is cancelled too, as you know.

Some Praises

We already work from home and home-school, so the extent to which our lives are altered by this virus is less than many.
Before the virus was found in our area, we already had the respiratory flu, so had already been keeping to ourselves.  We are so grateful to live in a digital age where so much is available online!  We’ve enjoyed holding our own worship services at home, with songs requested by the kids, an online sermon, and discussion.  (We even had communion with crackers and Emergen-C).
We’re grateful for the help of several others at Glad Tidings Bible Camp, at a work party to get the kitchen and dish room back to ready for use!
The kitchen now includes stainless countertops, a steam-table serving line and standardized dishes!
The dish room also include stainless countertops, a commercial dishwasher and sanitizer and a revamped workflow.

Thanks for keeping us in prayer as we do our best to support and encourage missionaries and ministries in this challenging time!

Answers to Prayer

Thank you for praying for us through February.  Here’s a few updates:

 – Chester continues to have ear problems, though there is a slight improvement after surgery.  Please pray for infections to clear up.

  – The Glad Tidings Bible Camp kitchen is very close to completion.  Chester will be spending much of the next week out there, wrapping things up.

 – The Mexico fundraising dinner was a huge success, bringing about 100 people, and providing about 30% of the needed funding!

You are vital partners in this ministry!  Thank you so much for praying!

The commercial mixer on it’s new stand (the kids helped to make it!)
The new-to-camp commercial dishwasher!

Mexico Fundraising Dinner – this Friday!

In March, we and several others are planning to go to Tecate, Mexico to help build houses for families in need!  We will be hosting a free dinner so that you can learn more about it.  You’ll have the opportunity to help us raise support by purchasing some of our creative crafts, amazing paintings or bake sale items!  You can also bring donation items to help families in Mexico.

February 28th
6:30 – 8:00pm
Grace Life Bible Church
10606 Burt Cir, Omaha, NE 68114

For more information, text Amy at 402-521-1053

Missions Trip to Mexico

The Sabre Missions Tecate Team from 2019.  Look for Micah, Eva and Moriah.

Dear Friends and Family –

As many of you know, some portion of our family has gone to Tecate, Mexico for the past several years.  Each year, we join Sabre missions from Colorado Springs who coordinates with a few churches in Tecate.  We drive from Colorado to Tecate (which is just across the Mexican border from San Diego), and build houses for families in need, who are chosen by the local churches.  Additionally, we conduct a three-day Vacation Bible School for neighborhood kids.  We act out the lessons (since we don’t speak much Spanish), and have a great time playing with the kids – some years there are up to fifty kids who attend!

This year the trip is from March 20-30, and our whole family has the opportunity to go together, and rebuild houses that were burned in wildfires last fall.  Two of the houses burned were built in previous years by groups with Sabre missions, and we hope to rebuild an additional two houses for families in the same neighborhood.  Would you please consider supporting us in one or more of the following ways?

  • We are trusting God to raise $4,350 to pay for our family’s food, lodging, travel expenses and a portion of the building materials for the houses.  
  • Please pray regularly for us, especially while on the trip.  We’ll provide a prayer calendar, but especially want prayer for health, transportation, finances and a Godly witness everywhere we go.
  • If you would like to contribute directly to these families, we are collecting donations of personal hygiene products, small toys and games, school supplies and household items (towels, washcloths, wash tubs, clothespins, small sewing kits) to give them at the dedication of their new home
The wildfire
A house built by a Sabre missions team in 2017
The house after the fire
A house build by the Sabre missions team in 1999
After the fire

Donations for this trip should be made to Sabre Missions.  Checks can be made out to Sabre Missions, and given to a Davis family member or mailed to: 

Sabre Missions
P. O. Box 9354
Colorado Springs, CO 80932-0354

Or you can donate online on their website.