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Car Talk

Vehicles play a huge role in our ministry. In our first year of Projects 4 Missions we drove almost 40k miles. Even with the effects of Covid, we drive quite a lot. We recently evaluated our vehicle usage and decided to reduce costs and increase our flexibility in service by buying two new-to-us vehicles: an older Prius (40+ mpg makes a real difference), and used cargo trailer that will replace our portable work shed.

In the Prius we can pack a few kids and a few tools and quickly serve a nearby project. The trailer will allow us to run work parties of any size, and significantly reduce the labor necessary to prepare for work parties while also providing storage space for tools and supplies. We expect both of these to have a major impact on our ability to respond quickly.

However, these encouragements have been accompanied by two car “issues”, and we would like to ask for your prayers (and advice, should you choose to give it) in this respect.

Our first “hauling” vehicle, dubbed Barnabus for its encouragement to us and others.

First, it was our intention that the extra Prius would replace our family car (Nissan pathfinder) as the pathfinder does not match our usage and costs more to drive. The selling would replenish our savings account from purchasing the Prius and the cargo trailer.   However, the Pathfinder recently developed transmission problems which should not be ignored. We ask for wisdom in choosing whether to sell it “as is” or to repair it before selling.

Will the current Suburban be a “Barnabus” with more invested, or should another replacement be sought?

Second, we have a Suburban that is our primary ministry “hauling and projects” vehicle.  It’s been sitting idle for the winter, waiting for a thaw to perform needed repairs.  We started on these repairs last week and are experiencing some real frustrations (some are almost comical: fuel spraying out of electrical connectors, rebuilt parts arriving with the wrong pieces, and driving all over Omaha chasing a $3 o-ring).  To simply get it back to running, we need to repair a fuel issue that causes the engine to stall.  Beyond that, it needs suspension work and steering repairs.  And with it’s age, there’s likely some rusted lines and other work that will show up in the process. We see this type of vehicle as essential to our ministry, and we need wisdom to decide whether to continue to invest in this particular Suburban or to sell it off.  And if we do sell it, we need both wisdom on what to replace it with, and prayer for an amazing deal on a suitable replacement.

We know that God meets our needs and that we can trust Him in this.  At the moment, we’re asking you to pray that we trust Him even more fully as we anticipate both His wisdom and His providence.

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