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Auction Pick-up Road Trip

You’ve seen a few times now the neat things and amazing deals God has provided for Glad Tidings Bible camp’s kitchen upgrade.  This is the latest installment:

Over the next two days, Chester will be driving to pick up these counter-tops, stove hoods and a fire suppression system from an auction in Hutchinson, MN.  The fire suppression system itself is about a $7,000 item, and he got all of these, and several other things (like 115 cups) for a grand total of under $40.  Isn’t God incredible?!

Please pray with us for Chester driving this evening and tomorrow morning, removing the items from their current kitchen and transporting them home.  And if you or anyone you know is near Hutchinson, MN, he would love a helping hand in moving some of these!  Please let us know!

Thanks so much for praying!

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